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This it the lowest class of an American. This type of American is so evil the Motherment should have a special prison just to house them. They work so hard and have accumulated so much filthy money they can and do pay their bills on time. Some of them are so depraved they don't even have bills. These beings are so far removed [...]

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A person who has seen the light concerning the "One World Order" concept. These people are happy to work very hard and give everything they have to the government for redistribution. After all redistribution is the only fair way to make sure even those who refuse to work get a proper portion of the world wealth. [...]

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American [am error kin] -noun An extremely selfish person who because of their strong desire to own things, including land, cars, houses and businesses has caused the rest of the world to suffer greatly and has done so without remorse whatsoever. A person that lives in the evil Democracy of the United States of America. A [...]

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Vitamin – noun The “supposed” cure for illness pushed by quacks and conservatives. It is clear from all the studies that vitamins do nothing for people.

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Martial Law

Martial Law [mar shal law] -noun This is a situation where the Motherment has taken control of ALL services. Motherment should control all services. This is the position Motherment should be pursuing at every turn of the corner. Why let all those sick people who think they can do a better job than Motherment keep [...]

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New World Order

New World Order  [noo wurld awr-der] -noun A point in the future when people in the United States of America will not longer own anything. There will be an appearance of ownership through various documents called legal forms. Through these forms the people will believe they own land or vehicles but are unable to figure [...]

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